Roll Up-Over the Sink Rack

Kitchens are one of the areas where we spend the most time in our home. For this reason, the utensils used in the kitchen gain importance. Products that offer practical and ergonomic solutions allow us to spend more enjoyable time in the kitchen and make our work easier. The Foldable Kitchen Shelf is a product that fits this description. It can be used on the sink, on the counter and on the table as a dish rack or trivet. Its main material is made of rust and heat resistant aluminum, so any material can be easily placed on it. Thanks to its foldable structure, it takes up little space after use.


Usage examples

We can actively use the folding kitchen shelf in many areas of our kitchen. The most preferred usage areas are as follows.

Use over the sink.

You can use the Foldable Kitchen Shelf by opening it over the sink. While washing fruits, vegetables and other foods, it provides the opportunity to wash the products without putting them in the sink. In this way, your products will be hygienically washed.

Use over the counter

You can easily use the Foldable Kitchen Shelf on the counter. You can lay the dishes and food you have washed on them to dry them. Thanks to its corrugated structure, the water of the products you put in will drain down and dry much faster. Since it does not come into direct contact with the counter, a more hygienic environment will be created.

Use on the table

Foldable Kitchen Shelf is made of heat resistant material. You can easily put heated pots, pans, etc. on it. In this way, you will prevent your table from being damaged.