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Where can I find your products?

We have provided a list for our distributors in Turkey. You can find the list under ‘Sale points’.

For stores in countries other than Turkey and Russia, please contact our export department to locate your nearest store.

If you are interested in distributing our products in your country, please contact our export department as well.

How should I clean bathroom accessories?

Plastic made bathroom accessories may be cleaned with every kind of cleaning materials easily.

On the other hand, since most of the decorative bathroom accessories are hand made and painted; they should NOT be cleaned with chemicals like bleach or hydrochloric acid. When using high-level acid containing materials, colors of items are dissolved therefore cleaning material is very important.

For wooden items, it is strongly suggested to use sensitive cleaning materials.

For porcelain bathroom accessories, every kind of cleaning materials may be used.

Stainless steel bathroom accessories are water-resistant but they must not be left wet.

If you dry after cleaning, there will be no rusting or surface-darkening.

Bathroom accessories made of brass can be cleaned with sensitive cleaning materials.

What are the key points of choosing bathroom accessories?

Shapes of sinks are very important. If you have bowl sinks, you should choose long lotion bottles.

It is very important to choose appropriate color of products according to decoration of your bathroom.

If you have colorful bathroom, you can benefit from white and beige colored accessories, because they are easy to adapt with every color. Or you can base on the dominant color of items to combine with your bathroom.

Don`t forget that it’s a good idea to combine contrasting and vibrant colors. Combining white with black, brown with orange and cream with red accessories helps you create a cool atmosphere.

Do you provide spare parts?

Pumps of lotion bottles, toilet brushes, hinges of toilet seats can be found at sale points and stores.

What are the materials of the bath mats ?

Different models are made with acrylic, cotton or bamboo.

How are bath mats cleaned ?

All bath mats should be cleaned in washing machine or by hand. Please wash bath mats according to the instructions mentioned on their labels.

Bath mats with cotton or bamboo yarns should be cleaned by hand in cold water for the first cleaning.

Cotton bath mats should be cleaned at sensitive programs in the washing machine.

What is the material of bath towels ?

Towels are made of cotton, bamboo or modal (beech wood fibers).

What are key points to choose and mount toilet seats?

It is important to check the form of toilet seats. Producers can manufacture in different forms. We offer toilet seats for the most popular two different forms.

They have different mounting types. For wall-mounted toilets, duck rubber hinged toilet seats should be preferred. Our company also has another type of hinge systems.

Toilet seats must be well mounted and fixed. If toilet seats swing while sitting; hinges may get damaged.

Since toilet seats are hand painted, sensitive cleaning must be applied.

Abrasive cleaning materials should not be used.

What are the dimensions of bathroom curtains?

Depending on models; there are 180*200, 200*200 and 120*200 double-wing curtains.

How can I create more space in small bathrooms ?

Tension rod bath cabinets can be used over water tanks.

Corner shelves with tension rod or screw system corner shelves can be used in the corners of bath tub ,shower or any corner you like in your bathroom. No drilling required for most of these products:

Over door hangers can be helpfull to hang towels, bathrobs.

Which products do you offer to prevent accidents in bathrooms?

Bathroom accidents are the most common among accidents at home.

Wet floors are the main reason for these. We recommend use of bath safety accessories, especially for the elderly and children. All of our safety products are tested by the TЬV Rheinland Products Safety company.

Tub safety grip KV06 is a helpful accesorry to help getting into and out of the bathtub.

Folding bath seat KV07 offers a place to sit in shower. It can be folded against the wall until next use.

There are various safety grips to be used in the shower area and near toilet:

Which accessories can I use without making holes to tiles?

We recommend you to use Everloc Suction cups or Primanova tension rod Corner shelves.

Everloc Suction cups enable you to gain more space in your bathroom or kitchen without drilling a hole.

Suctions cups can be mounted within couple minutes and can be re-mounted after taking off.

You can re-use your suction cup accessories on different walls even after you take them off from the wall.

Tension Rod corner shelves or bath cabinets can be mounted without drilling.

What is the difference between towel hangers?

Towel hangers are mounted in the bath or over the balcony and enables towels to dry fast and prevents towels to touch each other.Towel hangers keeps small space by folding or mobility .

Are LCD/Plasma TV Mounts competible with all TV brands ?

Yes, alll LCD/Plasma Mounts are competible with all TV brands.

Are LCD/Plasma TV Mounts rotatable ?

There are different types of LCD/Plasma Mounts that are fixed or adjustable.

TV08 has a lock system to prevent theft.

Which display sizes can be mounted by LCD/Plasma Mounts ?

Displays between 10-50 inch can be mounted by LCD/Plasma Mounts.

What is the length of shower curtain rods ?

Twist or Spring system shower curtain rods can be mounted between 120 cm-220 cm.

L- and U-shaped rods can be used for 90×90 cm shower cabins or L-shaped bathtubs. If three tubes are attached one after another, you can reach maximum 270 cm.

Our products are sold in glassware and household goods stores, chain construction markets and partially in our webshop. If you let us know your region along with the product group or products you are interested in, we will be pleased to be notified of your nearest sales point.  +90 212 886 85 18

Contact with us via or call +90 212 8868518

We will be glad to see you in our dealer network. You can reach us through the following channels.  +90 212 886 85 18

We will be glad to see you in our dealer network. You can reach us through the following channels.  +90 212 886 85 18

Contact with us via or call +90 212 8868518

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