Vera E60 Ergonomic Ironing Board

Vera E60 Ergonomic Ironing Board

* Extra large ironing surface; sheets and curtains provide convenience in ironing.* Table can move left and right, can rotate, can be completely removed.* Foldable, wide hanger for ironed items.* Steam boiler and can be used with normal ironing.* Non-slip feet.

* Extra wide foot opening.

Technicial Specifications

* Table size: 41,5 x 146 cm

* Durable Body

* Double profile stabilizer bar provides maximum stability and height is easily adjusted. Min 60 cm x Max 94 cm

* Shock resistant, glossy plastic accessories.

* Feet are soft and clinging to the floor and prevent slipping on glossy surface.

* Single iron and steam generator iron can be placed, can be separated from the table, portable, left and right-handed table that makes the aesthetic and functional ironing placement platform is available.

* Suspension wire with 2,5 kg load carrying capacity.

* Ironing board cloth is made of 100% polyester. It is resistant to 230 ° C during operation.

* Iron Do not leave the hot surface on the table for a long time!

* Irons with thermostat or resistance can exceed 230 ° C and damage the cloth.